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Deploy:any front-end
on:any cloud platform

cursor icon const anyfront = () => {
••••// Get deploying in 3 minutes ⏱️
••••const [platform, setPlatform] = useState("...")
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Type '"..."' is not assignable to type '"aws" | "gcp"'. ts(2322)

<ul onClick={alwaysUpToDate(true)}>
••••<li> minimal configuration </li>
••••<li> own your account, keep control </li>
••••<li> fully open source </li>
<List features={['ssr', 'ssg', 'static', 'api']}>
••••<ListItem title='nextjs' />
••••<ListItem title='svelte'/>
••••<ListItem title='react'/>
••••<ListItem title='solidjs'/>
••••<ListItem title='more'/>